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  • Varpu Laakkonen

Turning online demand trends into revenue generating actions with Moomin Baby

Moomin Baby is a well known brand among dads and moms. When parents are reaching out for a better set of diapers, they are probably looking for Moomin Baby.

When we started collaborating with Moomin Baby, they were already a well known brand and the go-to choice in the brick and mortar premium section. 

Recognizing the shifting landscapes of consumer behavior, Moomin Baby has been consistently fortifying its digital footprint over the years.

When we started our collaboration, the primary goal was clear: Understand the market dynamics, find areas that are growing, and also areas that are declining. 

To understand where to concentrate, we analyzed the Finnish diaper market as a whole and created a clear picture of online demand. 

We analyzed all the categories that diaper buyers are interested in, such as pregnancy, poo, pee and, of course, diapers. We analyzed the size and growth of these different categories and were able to identify areas where Moomin Baby needs to focus on to best serve their customers.


Size of online categories in the Finnish diaper market


Growth of online categories in the Finnish diaper market

Besides the categories, we were also able to identify Moomin Baby’s performance among its “competitors.”

Competitors in the Finnish diaper market

Once the set-up was ready, we created a real-time analytics tool for the diaper market in Finland, which is updated every month when the search volumes are updated. Now Moomin Baby is always aware of where the demand is and where it is moving. 

The next step was to create a growth plan inside Maire to monetize the relevant demand. Growth plan was easy to build as the set-up was showing the most relevant and growing areas. 

The potential new yearly revenue for the growth plan was estimated to be 1 162 000€. This included 70 new landing pages for new illustrative & explanatory content, as well as new categories. 

Now Moomin Baby has implemented 24/70 of the initial growth plan and the results are roaring in. The new estimated yearly revenue is already at 525 000€ / year and saved yearly marketing expense at 48 000€ per year. 

And the results are only accelerating.


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