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Sauna Market Online Demand & Trend Analysis USA 2024

Updated: Feb 22

The demand for saunas has witnessed an impressive growth over the past years.

In 2020, people in the US searched for saunas around 1,470,000 times.

This interest peaked in subsequent years with a growth of roughly 12.59% in 2021, an impressive 34.38% in 2022, and thus far in 2024, the growth seems to be unstoppable, sitting at 42.02%.

With every year, more and more Americans are warming up to the idea of owning a sauna, indicating a massive market potential for businesses in the upcoming years.

Sauna demand growth USA 2023
Sauna demand growth USA2024

What are currently the most searched sauna types?

Interest towards sauna is on the rise, and so is the demand for different types of saunas.

As of 2024, infrared saunas have gained immense popularity, accounting for 44.4% of all sauna type related online searches in the US.

Sauna Demand per type 2023 USA
Sauna Demand per type 2024 USA

Close behind are outdoor and home saunas, each representing around 10.7% and 10.8% of market demand respectively.

Meanwhile, steam rooms are being sought after in 8.1% of searches. Other types such as portable saunas and barrel saunas also have a significant presence accounting for 7% and 6.4% of searches, respectively.

This data demonstrates public interest in a variety of sauna types with infrared leading the pack.

3. What are the fastest growing sauna type searches?

In terms of growth in sauna types, box saunas have witnessed a tremendous surge in popularity with a substantial growth rate of 269.13% in 2024.

Notably, outdoor saunas are not far behind with a 76.09% increase in demand.

Sauna demand growth per type 2023 USA
Sauna demand growth per type 2024USA

Other types of saunas that have also made impressive strides include hybrid sauna, smoke sauna, and traditional sauna, each experiencing an annual growth rate of over 70%.

Despite infrared saunas dominating in demand, box saunas have outpaced them in growth, suggesting a shifting preference and a burgeoning market for this type of sauna which is worth keeping an eye on.

Given the substantial growth rates, it's clear that the appeal for a varied assortment of saunas is broadening, offering opportunities for new potential markets to tap into and meet the growing consumer preferences.

4. What are the most Googled sauna brands?

When it comes to the most searched sauna brands in 2024, Sunlighten has emerged as the leading brand commanding 34.6% of the searches.

Close behind is Clearlight Saunas, capturing 21.8% of the online quest.

Following the trail are Almost Heaven Saunas, securing approximately 21% market share of the online searches.

Surprisingly, the Finnish world market leader Harvia only accounted for a mere 2.5% of the total search demand. This data reveals the consumer's preferred brands, which is crucial for business owners to potentially forge partnerships or strategically position their marketing efforts for higher visibility.

Sauna brand demand usa 2023
Sauna brand demand usa 2024

The presence of a diverse array of brands also signifies a healthy marketplace that thrives on competition and promotes product refinement and better customer service.

5. Which sauna brands have the highest growing interest?

In terms of online search growth amongst sauna brands in 2024, Sun Home Saunas has emerged as the fastest growing brand with an impressive growth rate nearing 120%.

Sauna brand interest growth usa 2023
Sauna brand interest growth usa 2024

Surrounding it in the growth race are brands like Harvia, which is growing at a rate of 92%, Sunlighten (81%) and The Sauna Guys pulling up the rear with a growth rate of 71%.

These figures highlight the brands that in the high tide, most of the companies are excelling in expanding their market presence.

The high growth rates exude their successful strategies in aligning with consumer needs and impressively capitalising on the burgeoning sauna market. It also signifies a dynamic marketplace where brands are consistently innovating to stay ahead of the curve and capture more market share.

6. In which size do the consumers want their saunas?

Looking at the size preferences of consumers, 2-person saunas take the lead by a significant margin with a towering 54% demand.

sauna demand per size usa 2023
sauna demand per size usa 2024

One-person saunas follow behind with 15.6% preference, trailed by 4-person saunas, reeling in 12.9% of the demand.

3-person saunas also generate notable interest, accounting for 10.1%.

It is apparent, however, that larger saunas for 8 and 10 persons are much less popular, each representing just 1.7% and 0.9% of the demand respectively.

Interestingly, 6-person saunas secure a slightly more robust percentage of the demand at 4.7%.

The data clearly illustrates that smaller, more intimate saunas for private or double use are most preferred. Tailoring product offerings to reflect such preferred size options could potentially drive increased sales and customer satisfaction.

7. What is the fastest growing sauna size 2024?

In terms of sauna sizes, interest in large saunas has been growing at an exceptional rate in 2024.

10-person saunas, albeit having a smaller market demand, have seen the fastest growth of 64%.

sauna demand growth per size usa 2023
sauna demand growth per size usa2024

Other sizable saunas have also seen a considerable increase in interest, with 8-person saunas growing at a rate of 45%, and 6-person saunas not far behind at 39%.

However, the most desired size – the 2-person sauna – has also witnessed substantial growth at 24%.

The demand for larger saunas may still comprise a lower percentage of total searches, but the rapid growth rates observed suggest that their appeal is on the rise.

Recognizing this trend could uncover valuable opportunities in a niche market for larger saunas.

8. Which country has the strongest sauna brand? Comparison

When we delve into the sauna market based on geographical brands, Finnish saunas hold the strongest position, accounting for an overwhelming 43% of the brand searches.

This dominance transparently embodies the iconic status Finland holds when it comes to saunas.

Sauna country brand share usa 2023
Sauna country brand share usa 2024

Korean saunas trail behind with a substantial 29% influence, followed closely by Russian saunas with a 12.3% margin.

Swedish saunas also mark their presence, comprising of 7.2% of the searches.

Estonian saunas hold a lesser share at 1.2%. This paints a clear picture that Finnish saunas are a formidable force in the sauna market, claiming the majority of the brand preference around the world.

The popularity of these various country brands could be indicative of the unique sauna features and experiences each country offers.

9. Which country's sauna brand is growing the fastest?

Besides dominating the sauna brand market, Finnish saunas and their long-established sauna culture are also globally recognized.

However, when it comes to growth, interest towards Estonian saunas takes the lead, ballooning at an impressive rate of 48% as of 2024.

Sauna country brand growth usa 2023
Sauna country brand growth usa 2024

Other country-based sauna brands are also experiencing strong growth, with Japanese saunas at 41%, Korean saunas at 30%, Russian saunas at 29%, and Finnish saunas at 16%.

These rising growth rates suggest that sauna users are seeking new experiences and are willing to explore outside the traditional Finn-centric sauna preferences.

It's worth noting that, although Finnish saunas still dominate the market, the fastest-growing interest lies with Estonia's saunas, suggesting a new potential market gaining traction.

10. How Maire helps you monetize growing demand?

As the demand continues to fluctuate, it's critical for businesses to concentrate on the most profitable parts of the industry.

Maire is at the forefront to assist you in doing exactly that. Our AI-powered software partnered with our Market Capitalization experts keeps an eye on constantly changing trends, conducts intense market analyses and draws insights from a plethora of data.

It's high time you claim your share, and we are here to facilitate that.


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