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We foster deeper customer understanding for our clients, enabling more effective problem solving.

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Our Story

Our grandpa Veikko had a shop and ran his own business in North Carelia back in the mid 20th century. We spent a lot of childhood summers running through the then shop-turned-storage hallways.


Our grandma Maire was a kind and strong woman and without her, Veikko wouldn’t have been able to do what he did.

Our other grandpa Lasse was also an entrepreneur, a silversmith, in Helsinki around the same time.


His wife, our grandma, was also called Maire. She was gentle and supportive, and never played favourites.

Despite coming from two families of business owners, none of us had ever been particularly encouraged to become entrepreneurs.


Somehow that spirit was always with us anyway.


Otso has started several businesses from underwater logging to software automation consultancy.


Terho has always had a side hustle or two while working for exciting startups on payroll.


Varpu always dreamt of running her own design business and took that leap a few years back and Touko has been working in prominent startups in various growth roles.

While working with various startups over the years, Otso noticed that he was always advising them on the same thing: inbound marketing and the struggle of resolving customer problems with quality content. He thought that the way companies go about it was something that could be done so much better. He called his siblings one day and asked if they would like to start a business with him and develop his idea further.


None of us didn’t really need to hear what it was, we were the f**k in. We had the holy triplet of skills within the family: design, business and technology.

We can proudly admit that the initial idea was not special. What is special about Maire, is the team and its complementary skillset. Otso’s vision of content marketing could have remained in his head for years.


Yet, it was Varpu’s artistic skills that turned it into reality. Seeing the visual prototype and how the keyword research and content creation could connect, it was easy to spot the areas that needed improvements and fine tuning.


We discovered that there’s competition in the markets. We also noticed that there are various challenges in the core logic of the product.


And Terho, our genius, realized that much of the work we were planning was actually possible to implement with artificial intelligence.


The three of us started to develop the product through our own unique perspecitves. One through customer acquisition, another through visual experience and third from engineering viewpoint.


And where are we now? Never complete, but always learning. 


Do you want to catchball the artistic side of Maire?


Sense-making about the technical solution?


Want to co-create and understand the customer value?

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Our values

Foster a culture of good

We want to be a workplace where mondays feel like fridays. Where everyone feels inspired coming in, even though we probably won’t be as we’ll be working from a cottage somewhere. A workplace where we take collective responsibility of running the shop and all ideas are good ideas. Where our processes are transparent, agile and we make decisions based on doing good.

Innovation at the core

We aim to be the best in everything we do and always be the trendsetters. We will use intelligent technologies that are based on proven data and use that to improve our own processes as well as the lives of our customers. We never want to lose our enthusiasm and drive to learn new things while building a scalable business.

Made for humans

We will create intuitive user paths that ensure that anyone can use our product regardless of what stage they are in their career or life. We want to create efficient and necessary ways of working where it is inevitable that they will keep coming back.

Customer success

We want to work together with our customers to enable them to achieve tangible, visible, sustainable and measurable long term results. We will listen, collaborate and leave no stone unturned in order to create the tools that deliver growth.

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