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Analyse and predict relevant market demand with Maire

Visualise evolving consumer demand with real-time online search data 

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Discover what your customers need within your specific market.

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Track categories to get a holistic understanding of your market updating real-time.

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Predict the future demand of relevant categories beyond existing offering through online search data.

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Discover the market

Discover what your customers are looking for within your relevant market and choose the categories you wish to analyse and track. 

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Track relevant categories

Get real-time updates on your relevant categories and see where the market is moving. Compare your sales data with online demand data and detect over or underperforming parts of your offering.

Gain insights for key markets

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See the overall demand for all relevant markets. Pinpoint and adapt your offerings to meet the authentic consumer needs of each targeted market with precision.

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Benefits to your business

Make data-driven decisions with Maire

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More sustainable inventory

Reduce costs associated with overstocking or stockouts on your business and on the environment.

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Discover new categories

Analyse categories as a whole and uncover demanded and trending products outside your current offering

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Generate more revenue

Serve your customers better by making sure you're selling what they actually want and generate more revenue.

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Win over the competition

When you are able to meet the real demand of your customer, there's nothing stopping you from being the leader in your industry.

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