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Turn Online Demand Trends into On-Demand Offering

Predictive demand analytics for large B2C companies 

Cater your customers with offering they need

Analyse and predict relevant market demand beyond current offering with Maire

Know what your customers want and answer to their real need

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Discover what your customers are looking for within your specific market.

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Analyse categories to get a holistic understanding of your current market conditions.

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Predict the future from actual online search demand data that takes into account all demanded categories and products.

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Turning online demand trends into revenue generating actions with Moomin Baby

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"With Maire we analyzed all the categories that diaper buyers are interested in, such as pregnancy, poo, pee and, of course, diapers. We analyzed the size and growth of these different categories and were able to identify areas where Moomin Baby needs to focus on to best serve our customers.
Tomi Sirén, Growth Director, Delipap (Moomin Baby)
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Why Maire?


Understand the value of your online demand

Leveraging AI, we identify opportunities in your relevant market and categorize online demand based on brands, models, functionalities and other relevant aspects. 

Have we succeeded?

Take control of your commercial offering

Using Maire, you have the tool for higher sales through on-demand offering, reduced costs associated with overstocking or stockouts, and a better overall customer experience.

Have we succeeded?

Educate yourself

Our software doesn’t just make your life easier by automating decision making, it educates you about your market and its evolving consumer demand

Have we succeeded?


What does Maire do?

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Market and Trend Analysis

Maire revolutionizes market analysis by meticulously collecting search data from the industry as a whole. Our cutting-edge AI technology intelligently categorizes search demand so that you can make better decisions about your commercial offering.

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Predictive insights

Forecast online demand of categories and products for the next 18 months ahead through current and historical search data from the last 4 years.

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How it works?



Data gathering

Share the information about your market, such as your commercial offering or product feed. Maire will use this information to build a real-time view on the relevant market demand

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Detect categories

Validate existing category demand and identify new opportunities



Make better decisions

Take control of your offering and decide what you're selling based on real and relevant data.

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