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Transform your search trends into revenue generating actions

AI co-pilot for industry leading B2C E-commerce brands

Impress your customers and resolve their problems 

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How Maire helped VALA?

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"It is quite amazing what Maire is able to do. It does not only tell us what is the hot demand we should react on but it actually analyses the type of content resonating with our potential customers and then creates the content based on the analysis."
Toni Roschier, VALA Group, Head of Marketing

Customer was posting high quality content, however, they didn't have a detailed holistic view on what is the overall importance of strategic content marketing.


Understand the online behavior of their potential customers and create content that generates new leads


Maire helped Customer to build a step by step content strategy based on expected revenue per search term. And then actually implement it. Today the results are seen in the first page of Google and as increased flow of customer leads.

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Why Maire?


Understand the financial value of your online demand

Leveraging AI, we identify the estimated intent behind each search trend, categorizing them based on users' phase on the purchase path. We then refine the results by prioritizing them according to the potential revenue for your product or service.

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Gain a competitive
edge that lasts

Organic ranking is something that will keep creating meaningful traffic for years to come. Once you satisfy your potential customers search intent and have successfully reached a position in the search results, the ranking persists. The average age of a number one result on Google is 950 days.

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Educate yourself

We develop software that doesn’t just make your life easier, but also educates you about content marketing and its benefits, and inspires your to create more.

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What does Maire do?

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Market and Trend Analysis

Maire revolutionizes market analysis by meticulously collecting search data from your competitors, your own domain, and the industry as a whole. Our cutting-edge AI technology intelligently categorizes search queries according to their trend score and estimated stage in the customer's purchase journey.

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Search Intent Analysis

Once you have chosen the search term of interest, Maire further analyses the query and the real intent behind it and then recommends the most effective content type for satisfying the question your potential customer is asking. 

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Demand Monetization

After analyzing the market and uncovering the true intent behind the selected query, Maire assists in fulfilling the demand by crafting content tailored to the desired format, channel, and type, perfectly aligning with your potential customer's preferences.

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How it works?



Information gathering

Enter your information, such as the domains of your most prominent competitors and industry leading influencers. Maire will provide you with a list of potential queries your potential customers are using when they are searching for information on the internet



Choose the query of interest

Choose the search term you would like to further understand.

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Quality content creation

Resolve your customers question by creating content that resonates with their search intent.

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