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From keyword research to content that generates revenue in less than a minute

Why Maire?

Clear Financial benefits

Maire is the only solution in the market that tells you exactly how much every keyword is worth in €. And then Maire actually creates content for these keywords automatically

Start creating content that generates revenue

Understand what to produce

Most companies and service providers are out of content ideas. We tell you exactly what is the most beneficial topic you should concentrate on next.

Start prioritizing your content pipeline

Automatic content type recommendations

As only solution in the market we use AI to analyze the Google search results page and recommend the content type that is most probable to rank high and generate revenue.

Start creating content that resolves the questions of your customers

Always on the crest of a wave

Worried that competitors are ahead of you? Worry no more. We will always be the first ones to harness the most efficient AI applications for you and your company.

Be a leader

Learn while making money

We don’t just create the content for you. We also educate you as a content marketer so you are able to keep on killing it.

Educate yourself

Automatic content creation

Bothered by writers block? Outsource the boring parts of writing for Maire and let AI does it magic.

Let Maire do the heavy lifting for you

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