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  • Varpu Laakkonen

Ai assisted content creation: How customer created a yearly estimated profit of 218601€ with 2019€?

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Content creation starting point

VALA has always created top notch content for their website.

However, they didn't have a detailed holistic view on what is the overall importance of strategic content marketing.

Their organic visibility and number of leads and revenue were not in the level they needed

GOAL for content creation

The Goal for VALA is to create profitable growth with content marketing.

How did VALA reach their goal?

1. Understand your potential customer through keyword research

VALA ran a simple keyword research and in less than a minute they understood the topics that customers are interested about, and created a content plan based on potential revenue.

2. Choose your target keyword

From the content plan it was easy to choose the most important search term of their industry: “ohjelmistotestaus” with potential yearly revenue of 656 640€

VALA average purchase is substantial, here they decided to use a conservative number of 10 000€.

3. Analyse your target keyword

Seeing the potential revenue is just a start. To really understand what customers want VALA dig deeper and analyzed the keyword in detail.

Maire helped VALA to understand the real intent of the users. VALA understood that when their potential customers are using the search term ohjelmistotestaus, they are probably evaluating the options available. At this stage the estimated conversion rate of online visitors was as high as 6%.

Within a year the search term volumes for ohjelmistotestaus have been rather steady. A small spike in volumes for Marh, September and December. Are these the moments when potential customers are more keen on evaluating the potential suppliers? Maybe in the future VALA could also boost their ads during these months?

Maire analysed the search results page for the search term “ohjelmistotestaus”, and from there we were able to see that highest ranking pages are either explanatory, or product/service pages.

4. Choose the content type

Based on keyword analysis, and their own expertise, VALA decided to create explanatory content. I.e. content that answers to a question “what is”.

5. Plan the article structure

Based on keyword analysis and the content type chosen, Maire helped VALA to create a title that converts.

Based on the title, Maire helped VALA to create the structure for the article.

6. Create content

And finally, Maire helped VALA to actually create the article.

It is quite amazing what Maire is able to do. It does not only tell us what is the topic we should write about but it actually analyses what kind of content resonates and then creates the content.
Toni Roschier, VALA Group, Head of Marketing

Where are we now?

After 58 days from publishing, VALA reached the first position on Google Search with their article:


  1. Maire SaaS 1999€/month.

  2. 30 minutes of human work = 20€

  3. Total investment = 2019€

Potential yearly revenue

= 656 640€. Let’s say that the profit is ⅓ of the revenue, i.e. = 656640 * ⅓ = 218880€

Yearly profit

218880 - 2019 = 216 861€. And this is just the first article. Should you start our free trial?

About VALA?

VALA has been chosen as the most successful employer brand in Finland and they currently employ around 120 employees. If you are looking for test automation services, there’s no better provider available. Read more in their website.


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