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Market and Trend Analysis

Maire revolutionizes market analysis by meticulously collecting search data from your competitors, your own domain, and the industry as a whole. Our cutting-edge AI technology intelligently categorizes search queries according to their trend score and estimated stage in the customer's purchase journey.

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Search Intent Analysis

Once you have chosen the search term of interest, Maire further analyses the query and the real intent behind it and then recommends the most effective content type for satisfying the question your potential customer is asking. 

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Demand Monetization

After analyzing the market and uncovering the true intent behind the selected query, Maire assists in fulfilling the demand by crafting content tailored to the desired format, channel, and type, perfectly aligning with your potential customer's preferences.

It's one thing to understand your customer. More important is actually do something with that knowledge. This feature liberates you from the hard manual work and frees you to concentrate on keeping AI in the right track.

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